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A Fang-tastic 4th Birthday

As it turns out, over the past 5 years my gremlins want birthday parties themed after shows or toys far before the stores start filling their party aisles with those decorations and favors. This year, of course was no different, Kendall had her heart set on a Vampirina birthday.

Normally, I would just go on Amazon or Target and search but it turned out they had nothing I was willing to spend a million dollars on, or that even caught my mom-ing eye. Last year, she demanded a Frozen Fever party and I had to make every dang decoration by hand because they had nothing at all related to it, so the Pinterest compiling began.

This year I found NOTHING, I mean a few things here and there, but nothing that I thought she would really love. At which point, I poured a glass of wine and sat on the couch with my three year old watching an entire season of Vampirina to get my own ideas (lol). I sipped wine and took notes and it reminded me of college. Here we go friends, I give you the complete Vampirina D.I.Y. birthday party!


For Kendall's party the title had to relate to her age, however since I spent so much time trying to pair key words in the Vamipirina vocabulary to meals I had a few ideas for other ages:

Terrorific Two

Thrilling Third

Fang-tastic Fourth and Fifth


Scare-or-ific or Shreek-tastic Sixth and Seventh

I lost my inspiration past eight. Thesaurus.com for words that mean scary but start with other letters. OR watch both seasons of Vampirina with some wine :)

On the door we made a sign that read "Welcome to Our Home Scream Home"

We kept the color theme purple and black, Vee's favorite colors, as I learned from my binge watch of season 1. So you know the drill, purple and black streamers, balloons, plates, napkins, the whole thing.

Luckily enough my mom has a cricket so I didn't have to actually cut out the letters for either of the banners, but Michael's and Amazon sell pre-cut lettering so that if you don't have that interesting device, you can avoid pulling your hair out from hand cutting:


...or whatever Vampirina vocabulary you will be inserting into your party.

We ordered corner spider webs for our sliding glass doors, those turned out to be really cute, you can see them in the first photo on this post. However, if you have that white/black cotton-ish? spider web from a Halloween decoration bin, those work too, wherever you want to put them around the house.

Literally just cleaned that playroom spotless.

Speaking of Halloween decoration bin, if you are creating your very own Vamipirina party, you may have a black and silver spiderweb table cloth in that sucker for your food table. I did not, so I ordered one off Amazon, but nowwwww I will have one for Halloween. (win)

Also, speaking of tables, we created a banner for the food table that reads "Bone-appetite". So adorable.

The Food List:

Super simple. For the main dishes pick something you're good a making and then name it "Nanpire the Great's Famous..." (thats Vampirina's grandma, and she cooks a lot) We called ours Nanpire the Great's Famous Mac & Cheese.

This is my mac and cheese recipe I haven't graced the blog's presence with. Normally there would be a beautiful crumb topping pleasantly sprinkled and baked over the pasta but not everyone digs that, and it's a party so I held off. It's still amazing. I'll add that soon, I promise.

Up next I give you "Mummy's Meatballs". You can make the meatballs or buy the frozen ones and just toss them in sauce and slow cook them for about 6 hours and they'll be a perfect party food.

Our food table was spread with Vee's Veggies (thats what they call Vampirina, I learned that from my binge watch too) and Demi's dips. Poppy's pull apart pigs, Ghastly gummies, Terror-ific twizzlers, and Chef Remy Bones' skeleton stars. Chef Remy Bones as I'm sure you've gathered is the family cook, and you can use whatever dish you'd like and start it with Chef Remy Bones'... and it'll fit right in with the rest of the fang-tastic foods.

For the beverage table we had Batty Brew, which was basically just grape Kool-aid with sprite (lol) and for the adult drinks we called the sangria Penelope's Potion. Penelope is the family's pet man-eating plant, that "doesn't bite...much" it was perfectly fitting. Then my favorite one, because I just thought it was so adorable, Wolfie's FULL Blue Moon. Get it, werewolf, full moon, blue moon, you get it. So cute.

This sangria is yellowtail moscato, blue curaçao, orange flavored vodka, and sprite. To get the color add purple food colored ice cubes.

We had to add in the family gargoyle Gregoria, who is often the "grumpy" voice of reason, so she obviously had to man the gift table to keep those newly four year old fingers off until it was time ;)

Now this next part is truly what you need to make a birthday great. Turns out the birthday girl was caught the stomach bug, so naturally as soon as guests start arriving she barfed all over the floor, then napped for two hours while we hung out eating and waiting for her to wake up to see if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, or if I was doomed to be yakked on for the rest of the evening. In the mad rush to clean and disinfect and put her down for a nap, I did forget ONE thing. Vampirina's ears. But, this little cake is still my favorite part. Just look how cute. Imagine little black bat wing/pigtails on top.

And of course, the Scream cheese cupcakes. Stay batty friends!

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