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Blackberry Sangria

I used to LOVE Sangria. I mean wine, juice and fruit and I was LIT (lol no). But really, I thought it was the greatest mixture of wine and juice ever, when I could barely tolerate moscato. Those days are long buried under a five year old who already hates school, a three year old who runs the entire household and a hyperactive golden retriever that is more often than not, a brown retriever, due to constant digging in the 5 foot deep trench under my deck.

Now its dry Kendall-Jackson chardonnay (LOL I know, we will discuss that someday, don't judge yet) and black coffee like the dry dark souls of moms. We're all kidding about that, relax mom-shamers.

Since we've bought the house, I love to cook, I love to entertain and drink wine with friends and family, we have a lot of gatherings. We have two nieces and a nephew and it's wonderful to be together discussing how hard adult-ing is, and how much we love to watch the kids become best friends, while they trash our houses with nerf darts and LOL dollz making life-long memories.

I decided for our Christmas party I needed a wintery, kind of fruity but not disgusting sangria drink to offer guests. I searched Pinterest, combing ideas and testing my creations with my Aunt Lisa (I know, twist our arms) until I discovered this!

Barefoot malbec, Blackberry Brandy, Ocean Spray's Blackberry-Cranberry juice, orange slices, fresh blackberries, Tropicana Trop50 (OR fresh squeezed oranges), and a SPLASH of ginger-ale on top for some fizz.

It. Is. Fabulous. And, it will knock you on your ass if you free ball it with the pouring so be easy killer.

Side note, let it rest in the fridge for a few hours and don't add ice until serving, no need to water it down. Enjoy (safely) friends! Cheers!


1. Bottle of Malbec, I use Barefoot

2. Blackberry brandy

3. Blackberry-cranberry juice, I use diet or regular and it tastes just as good

4. Trop50 or squeezed oranges

5. Regular or diet ginger-ale

6. Fresh blackberries

7. One orange


1. Get a large pitcher, and drop your fruit into the bottom

2. Depending on the size of the bottle you buy (I use the bigger one) either use the entire bottle for the smaller OR 3/4 for the larger size, and pour her in

3. Add 1 CUP of blackberry brandy

4. Add 1/2 CUP of blackberry-cran juice

5. And 1/2 CUP of O.J. or squeezed orange

6. Top her off with a splash of ginger-ale, and hold the ice. Add ice when ready to serve, and only per glass to avoid watering it down.

7. Cheers! Enjoy xo

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