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Chili Party Dip

Did you know the regular football season is over?

Yeah, I know, but I'm a Washington Redskins fan and I've never really payed attention to the regular season, because they never make it past there. THIS YEAR they made it one game closer! And, I mean Alex Smith, come. on. Either way, the Super Bowl is coming! And, that means I'm going to make a lot of different food and, definitely for a small group of people because, covid.

You know cold taco dip, you know hot taco dip, 7-layer dip and possibly pizza dip, but this all morphed together to birth the idea of a leftover hot chili party dip and people it rocks. We like chili around here, I've shared the recipe in multiple variations so it's come to be a staple. It's simple, it's flavorful, it's complex in ways, you get it. You make that. But there's always a ton leftover, and then you either eat chili for days (don't recommend) or you end up tossing it and that sucks, dude.

This baby uses our wonderful leftover chili, a whip of cream cheese, sour cream, and a layer of cheese perfectly melted for a tortilla chip scoop and a cold can of beer (or wine). Yay football! Go team!

What you need:

2 CUPS chili, you need to make chili the day before, enough to spread across the top

1/2 CUP sour cream

1 brick or 8 oz. softened cream cheese

1 1/2 CUPS shredded cheese, a combo or just plain cheddar

taco seasoning, to sprinkle into the cream cheese mix

optional sprinkling of diced up jalapeños

How to make it:

  1. whip up the cream cheese, then add sour cream and whip that too

  2. sprinkle taco seasoning, estimate of 1/2 TSP, mix again

  3. spread the mix evenly across a lighting greased baking dish

  4. using a spatula, layer over the cream cheese mixture a layer of the cold chili

  5. finish by topping with the full 1 + 1/2 CUPS of shredded cheese

  6. bake for 15 minutes

  7. LOW broil until you see a bubbly, golden cheese

  8. serve immediately, with some diced jalapeños if you want, and enjoy with tortilla chips! xo

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