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Cranberry Brie Grilled Cheese

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I love brie.

I wrap it in salami, spread it over a cracker, just eat it off the knife, I'd definitely try it deep fried.

I like the simple flavor, the creamy texture, it's not something I see often off of a charcuterie board, but I'm not one to turn away from a charcuterie board, so...

Recently, I saw a grilled cheese sandwich made with brie, and I wanted to try it so bad. I knew that was gonna be creamy and melty af. I also knew, it needed something more than brie. I need savory, fruity, present but not so potent that it over powers the delicate flavor of brie.

Smushed up fruit is basically the only option I saw here and cranberry won, because, I didn't feel comfortable enough to try anything else and I was really hungry.

There's herby mayo, on the inside AND outside. It basically turns the sourdough into a garlic bread grilled cheese. The cheese starts out creamy so melting it is just a win-win, and for extra fun I threw some caramelized sweet yellow onions. The combination is just freakin' delightful.


slice of brie cheese, I cut the rind off but you don't have to

4 pieces of sourdough bread

1 CUP of mayo

a few sprinkles of herb blend of Italian seasoning, garlic powder, nutmeg and parsley for the mayo

1/2 a can of whole berry cranberry sauce

1 large sweet Vidalia onion

1 TBSP canola oil, 1 TBSP butter, salt, pepper and dried thyme to taste (for the caramelizing)


  1. Begin caramelizing the onions an hour before you want to eat, it takes about that long to complete, this is the longest part of the entire prep, as caramelized onions always are. Slice up an entire Vidalia onion into half rings

  2. In preferably a cast iron pan, or any pan if cast iron isn't an option, heat the oil and butter on MEDIUM until butter is just melted

  3. Toss the sliced onions into the pan and coat them with the oil and butter, let them sit at MEDIUM for 3-5 minutes, turn the heat down if they start to brown, we just want them translucent

  4. Stir around, then reduce to LOW heat, stir and keep an eye on these for 45 minutes, baby sit them so they don't brown to quickly and become a mushy, crusty failure

  5. During this time, since you're basically standing over these for this period of time prep the rest of the ingredients

  6. Slice the brie into strips to lay across the bread

  7. Take the cranberry sauce out of the can, and blend around a bit so it will be easier to spread

  8. Mix your herb mayo

  9. Once they are done, remove them from the pan and set aside to cool

  10. Heat a greased skillet just like any other grilled cheese at LOW/MEDIUM depending on your stove top, mine heats fast and tends to burn things so we used LOW/MED but you may need MEDIUM or higher

  11. Spread herb mayo on the inside of the sourdough, spread a thin layer of cranberry sauce on the other slice of bread, try to get some chunks of cranberries

  12. Layer the slices of brie on one side, then the onions on top of the brie

  13. Put the sandwich together and spread a thin layer of herb mayo on the outside of one side of the sandwich

  14. Lay the herb mayo side down into the skillet and then carefully spread a thin layer of herb mayo on the upright side of the sandwich

  15. Get one side toasted and golden brown, then flip and repeat

  16. Remove from heat and let rest for 1 minute before slicing and devouring immediately!

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