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Fiery Chipotle Chicken Ciabatta

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We have this farmstead/deli in the Berkshires. It's stocked with fresh veggies and fruits, you can pick pumpkins there, corn, blueberries, get a Christmas tree and order lunch or dinner. It's fantastic and it's very close to Target and Matt's office so needless to say, we frequent their establishment.

We were browsing around recently and Matt came across this bottle of sauce called Chipotle Gourmaise Sauce by Bohr's Head. He loves spicy flavor, and when he found out it was used in his favorite sandwich from their deli, bought a bunch of it. I like spicy food, but GOOD LORD I also like my tastebuds. This stuff is fire. It's delicious. But it's very, very hot. So that was your warning ;)

If I have not scared you off I would like to share just how I used this flavorful, spicy, delicious, flaming-squeeze-of-hell-sauce on a ciabatta sandwich, that is now my favorite sandwich ever. It involves some mixing of condiments to slow the burn, but if you like spice, don't even mix, just go all in and let me know if you or Matt ever get your tongues back to normal, okay?

Let's build this!

You start with the chicken. I use a boneless, skinless breast, slice it into a cutlet, season with salt + pepper and cook it on the grill. It shouldn't more than 10 minutes, so whilst you wait (LOL) prep the other ingredients, or prep beforehand and chill on your deck if you're grilling.

I like a toasted ciabatta bun. This can be done right on the grill, in a cast iron pan, toaster oven, or even a toaster if it fits. You don't have to but I HIGHLY recommend. It just gives that crunchy texture that all good sandwiches have, without turning this into a "melt".

The sauce is the key to this sandwich. You need the gourmaise and regular mayo. I spread the mayo thinly across each side of the ciabatta and then layer over the spicy gourmaise.

For veggies, I use lettuce, any kind will do, and thin sliced red onion. Tomato is great and I do love tomato but in my opinion it just gets lost in this sandwich and makes for more juices and a mess. The flavor of the chipotle will hit that acidic, tomato-ey flavor you're looking for in a sandwich.

Next up you need the cheese. Sharp white cheddar, off the block shaved off as thin and as much like a slice of cheese, or if you can find it pre-sliced, treat yourself and buy that.

After the chicken cooks, rests for 3-5 minutes, then gets sliced on an angle, piled the sliced on top. You can't replace this with deli sliced chicken. The fresh cooked, warm, juicy and seasoned chicken slices are perfect for this thick airy bun.

Serve this with something light, like a few French fries or just let this be the main and side course because it will carry the weight! Enjoy!


2 boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced in half and tenderized

(for best taste, salt the chicken then return it to the fridge for an hour, pat off the moisture with a paper towel, then season with chicken seasoning mix)

4 ciabatta buns

iceberg lettuce, to your liking, I used about 3 leaves on each sandwich

3-4 slices red onion per sandwich

1 TSP Bohr's Head Gourmaise , this is available on amazon or if you are local to Berkshire County at Whitney's Farm Market

1/2 TSP regular mayonnaise

butter, just a spread for the insides of the bun

Market Pantry chicken seasoning, or chicken seasoning of your choice to taste on each side of the chicken breasts before cooking

salt + pepper to taste

TIP: add some crispy bacon! we did this the first round and wanted to try it without, either way, it's delicious!

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