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Football Sunday Black Bean Chili

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

OH HI, it's been a while. But listen it's for a good cause, I'll get to you with it in a few weeks, it'll be worth it. Promise.

(ahem, low carb meals)

In other news, this week/weekend was the NFL draft. Yup, I know. Football. It just ended, we were just freed, and here we sit, on the couch at 9:30 watching the first round of the rest of our lives Fall 2019.

Don't get me wrong, I love football just as much as the next person, I mean I'm a Washington fan, so I'm all about the tons of disappointment for the moment of glory on a Sunday night under the lights, but I wasn't ready.

I also wasn't ready for dinner because I forgot to take out meat from the freezer as usual, and then my dog got a disgusting eye infection ending in a vet trip at 7:15pm. Needless to say this chili is so simple and quick I still got it made and ready for 8:30 and we were in business.

I'm generally all about that fresh ingredient list but chili isn't one of those recipes I make any more complex than I have to. This is a mix of my dad's recipes he's been cooking for years (WAY hotter than mine) and my own little spin off that really hits the spot.

Start by cooking the ground beef in a large pot or really deep pan on low-medium. Use your spatula to break up the brick into smaller chunks. Season salt and pepper to taste. All of the seasonings are to taste for this recipe because, who am I to tell you about your chili ;) I'll give you a basis and if you want to do less or more, it's up to your tastes buds. Once your ground beef it starting to brown add in taco seasoning. Mix that around a bit, then dump in the diced tomatoes. If you wanted to use fresh diced that would be all good in Pete's neightborhoo- never mind. It's really just a juggling of teacher, wife, mom, chef up in my head.

Next you need your big ol' jar crushed tomatoes, then chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder. Get that all mixed together and let it simmer for 2-5 mins. Add the black beans, kidney beans, cumin and a little bit of cayenne for some heat. Side note: I always referred to my chili recipe as black bean chili because my dad's recipe doesn't use them, and at parties we needed a way to tell the difference. My dad's chili is ridiculously spicy and no guest wants to grab that by mistake, neither does their host ;)

While that cooks together, add some cheddar cheese. I like thicker chili, not the runny soupy kind. You have to be able to scoop it with nacho chips, right? Right. I'm also known to drop a dollop of sour cream in the pot, but you don't have to, not everyone digs sour cream in chili.

I let the chili simmer on the stove while I set up before we are ready to eat, AND if you want to make this for a next day, later in the day gathering or honestly just for later in the week, it heats up perfectly. I might even say its got an even more delicious flavor after everything has blended together by the next day.

This recipe, the little wonder that it is, also works perfectly in the crock pot and its even less steps. For that route add everything but the cheese and sour cream and cook on low for 6 hours, high for 3, you know the deal. Add the cheese in the last 15 minutes let it melt, stir it around and serve! Perfect for football parties.

Touch. Down.

(had to)


1 lb ground beef, or turkey. (If using ground turkey, be sure to season well)

14.5 oz jar of diced tomatoes

28 oz jar of crushed tomatoes

15.5 oz jar of black beans

15.5 jar of kidney beans

jalapeños (fresh or in a jar)

black olives (I use the pre-sliced, small can, because I just can't find a reason not to)

diced green chilies

shredded cheddar cheese (or a taco blend, or a Monterey cheddar jack, if you prefer)

sour cream

SEASONINGS: 1/2 TBSP garlic powder, 1 TSP paprika, chili powder, cumin, 1/2 TBSP taco seasoning, cayenne, salt & pepper


1. Grease and begin sautéing ground beef in a deep pan or a pot on a low-medium heat. Break it apart with a spatula and toss it around, season with salt and pepper.

2. While there is still some uncooked hamburger, add in the diced tomatoes.

3. Add in the garlic powder and taco seasoning, 1/2 TBSP, and paprika, 1 TSP, and chili powder, 1/2 TSP.

4. Let it simmer for a little bit, longer if you're choosing to use fresh diced tomatoes 2-5 minutes.

5. Mix in the crush tomato

6. Add in cumin, 1 TSP and a pinch of cayenne, 1/8 TSP.

7. Add black and kidney beans.

8. Once that is all stirred in add olives, green chilies and jalapeños.

9. Sprinkle in the cheese, stir.

10. Add the scoop of sour cream if you like sour cream on chili, mostly to even out the level of spiciness.

11. Serve with tortilla strips on top, or tortilla chips to dip, and enjoy!

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