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Greek Pasta Salad

This is not a tik-tok feta pasta situation, although I'm sure that is lovely. I feel like everyone shot their shot and I have nothing better to offer, except maybe heating this pasta salad up? Let me know if you get that brave, but in other news... My favorite salad to ever order is a Greek salad. Paired with wings and a cheese pizza, basically what else is better? The only problem is that salads get soggy and I was thinking today, how can you fix this situation? Make it carbs, duh

I think I stand by this for all salad to pasta conversions forever. I'm going to try others, but for now, if you're a slave to greek salad (as am I) make this.

What you need:

6 oz. halvved pitted kalamata olives

1 cup chopped green peppers

1 cup thin sliced carrots

1 cup halved cherry tomatoes

half of a brick of feta cheese, chopped up (I do not recommend the container of pre-crumbled, mainly because a lot gets teeny tiny at the bottom and that's just not the idea here)

a palmful chopped shallots

8 oz. bottle of greek dressing

1 cup fourth sliced cucumbers

1 box pasta of choice, something like bowtie or rotini would be your best bet

How to make it:

  1. cook pasta in salted, boiling water to al dente

  2. drain, run cold water over it until it's cold cooked pasta

  3. chop all those ingredients up, do not chop the pasta and make this weird, unless you want chopped spaghetti here, idk

  4. mix, mix, mix and then store it in the refrigerator and let it all sit together for at least a few hours

  5. enjoy it with a protein, grilling out or just straight out of the container like I will, xo!

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