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Mexi-Ranch Bean Burrito

Working in the restaurant business for so long taught me many things, one of those being that during the season of Lent, hungry people tend to feel left out of the menu, because it like all has meat. I imagine vegetarians are pros at navigating a menu all year long omitting the meat. This burrito is for you... us... we.

(minus the dairy products and replace with dairy free alternatives for vegan)

I am not a complete participator in the no meat on Fridays and once on a Wednesday and so on and so forth situation and I'm not here to chat about religious beliefs, but I feel like everyone deserves a cheesy burrito to devour that doesn't need to have meat inside of it to be amazing. I actually was really uncomfortable typing bean burrito because it doesn't even have a nice name, but I promise you, it has SUCH nice flavor. Don't skimp on any of the ingredients if you can help it, melt it up in a cast iron skillet and yUUuuuuMMMmm

What you need:

1 burrito tortilla

1 TBSP refried bean

2 TBSP black beans

1 CUP Mexican blend shredded cheese

2 TBSP pico de galo

1 TBSP guacamole

1/2 TSP ground cumin

chopped pepper

mexi-ranch dressing:

1/2 packet of hidden valley ranch dressing

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup mayo

1/4 cup chunky mild salsa

a hefty drizzle of mexi-ranch

How to make it:

  1. lay your tortilla on a clean, flat surface

  2. spread the refined beans

  3. spread the guac

  4. add the black beans, pico and peppers

  5. sprinkle the cheese

  6. season the cheese with ground cumin

  7. drizzle with mexi-ranch

  8. fold into a burrito starting from then bottom, fold to towards the middle, pull in both sides to the middle and continue rolling until completely wrapped

  9. sear all sides on a greased cast iron pan over medium heat

  10. enjoy! xo

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