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My favorite weekend pancakes

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Weekend used loosely in this recipes title, because these little pieces of breakfast heaven are real simple and realllllll good.

But, we discussed having preschoolers so, these babies are very rarely made on a weekday. The second fantastic fact about these pancakes, aside from their taste, is that since most pancake recipes call for enough ingredients to feed a small army, if you just make the entire batch, toss them in a sealed bag in the fridge or freezer and reheat when you need them, they are still JUST as good.

If you're Matt, then you will need them Monday morning, those baby gremlins are demanding on a Monday.

The plan is simple, follow your boxed bisquick directions if you want to keep it simple, or start with the basis of the pancake mix. You will need flour, baking powder, baking soda, a little salt and sugar. Either way, once you have your mix of choice prepared in the mixing bowl, grab your milk, egg, half and half, vanilla extract and melted butter. Because how can you make wonderful fluffy pancakes without butter? You can't.

That's a lie, you definitely can use oil. Whenever I use oil I try to avoid vegetable, and go for canola. Somehow it's considered healthier, I never really looked into it, I just trusted my mom (thanks mom). And, Bobby Flay, that you only use olive oil for dressing and marinating. (thanks Bobby Flay).

Get your non-stick pan warmed up- I still grease it. They say you don't have to, but I hate to have any extra brown-ing because THEN my 5 year old won't eat them, and it's a big deal MOM.

These photos are definitely from my instastories, as you can see I forgot to save before adding text, but I feel like it's a friendly reminder if you just want to scroll through quickly. Plus the lighting was really good for a phone picture when your camera isn't charged and your kids aren't trying to become a part of your body again in front of a hot stove top- that's a miracle all on its own.

Back to work.

So, thats it! Now you keep your pan at a medium heat, one minute per side, and always stay right there. I know, mom life, 1 minute seems like an eternity to get one thing done while you're waiting on that cake to be flippable, but some pans cook quicker or slower so just trust me. If you give your five year old a pancake that is slightly browner on the bottom. You will be in trouble MOM. Or, dad, or grandma or whoever is making pancakes for these mouths. Let me leave you with this little pro tip. (Lets all laugh together) Really though, if you like cinnamon add it to the mix before cooking and same for chocolate, bananas or blueberries. It's devine.

Mom's always have to get the ugly scrape-the-bowl pancake, am I right?

I'm Mrs. Babeu, thank you and GOODNIGHT! (I've been watching a lot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel lately, and I've been dying to say that, sorry it was to you.) Also technically Mrs. Maisel isn't really married either so, it's still fine. Right?


1 1/2 CUP flour

3 1/2 TSP baking powder

1/2 TSP salt

1/4 CUP sugar

1 egg

1 CUP milk

1/4 CUP half and half

1 TBSP vanilla extract

3 TBSP melted butter


1. Combine all the above ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisk together, they say it can be a little clumpy- I try to avoid that and mix a little extra longer.

2. Grease your pan of choice, set heat to medium.

3. Pour in a small circle of the batter and wait 1-2 mins.

4. Flip to other side and wait another 1-2 mins.

(Remember some stove tops and pans get hotter faster or don't heat up and cook as quickly so give or take a minute and stay right with the pancakes while cooking)

5. Enjoy with a mimosa! Just kidding, not really.

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