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Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Here's the thing about fresh pineapple, that stuff goes bad quickly. So, I apologize in advance for two pineapple recipes very close together, but they aren't the star. Pineapples here are an enhancement, and I don't want them to end up in the garbage.

I will start by saying, I am actually not a giant fan of pineapple. Matt loves pineapple and I love cilantro, so we compromise and eat cilantro and occasionally pineapple. This sandwich would come standard as a pulled pork sandwich but guess what? I don't like pulled pork. Man, we are such a pair to eat together, amiright?

I do however fancy pulled chicken in the form of pressure cooked chicken thighs seasoned with Lawry's seasoning salt, marinated with bbq sauce, sriracha and shredded like wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Sorry, I get carried away. This is good.

Pre-dress the chicken in the sauce, re-dress the chicken in the sauce after you pull into shreds. Toast a thick, buttery brioche bun and just start layering. Grilled pineapple slice, coleslaw and bbq chicken. The struggle to find the perfect cut of pork to pull for a mouth-watering sandwich is behind you!

You need:

2 boneless chicken thighs

2 TSPLawry's seasoning salt

BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays is my favorite, especially the Sweet n' Spicy)

1/2 tsp sriracha sauce

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp kosher salt

1/8 cayenne pepper

14 oz fresh coleslaw bag mix, no dressing needed

1/4 ground mustard

2 tbsp sugar

2 tsp white vinegar

1/2 cup mayo

2 round pineapple slices

2 brioche buns

What to do:

  1. season the chicken thighs with Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic powder, salt and cayenne pepper

  2. to cook the chicken I recommend using a pressure cooker but you can use a slow cooker, bake it, slow sear it, whatever you feel most comfortable doing, step out of the comfort zone and pressure cook it if you can

  3. cook the chicken for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker, or until the internal temp reachers 165 degrees any other way

  4. while the chicken cooks, make the 'slaw by combining the bag of fresh mix, sugar, vinegar, ground mustard and mayo (note: it will take a lot of stirring to get to the coleslaw consistency you know and love, but don't give up, use a spatula and make sure your mixing bowl is big so the dry 'slaw isn't going all over while you try to mix it)

  5. you can use fresh pineapple sliced rounds or canned, I recommend grilling them when you toast the buns, you don't have to, but they are really good with a nice char

  6. after the chicken is cooked, shred right away and re-sauce with more BBQ and sriracha (optional)

  7. butter both bottom sides of your buns and toast them quickly in a pan until a golden brown crust develops

  8. layer the sandwich bottom bun, pineapple slice, piled on pulled chicken, coleslaw and top bun

  9. enjoy! xo

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