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S'mores Crispy Treats

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

My daughter had a great idea.

She had a wonderful idea, while eating a bowl of one of her many favorite cereals Post Honey Maid S'mores cereal, and I said we should make s'mores with these and she said said "Okay, let's do this now."

Well, we did have to wait because it was humid AF this morning and I wasn't turning on that oven until the sun started to go down. After some yard work and swimming and deck redecorating we got into pj's and melted some marshmallows, crushed cereal with a meat tenderizer and made some s'mores crispy treats!

I believe that most rice crispy or cereal crispy treats start the same, melted butter and half a bag of marshmallows that you melt down into what looks like warm fluff. I read that you can use the brand marshmallow Fluff, but you have to use the giant plastic container and have you ever tried to scoop that stuff? It's like sugar paste.

My kids devour it, they eat peanut butter and fluff sandwiches as often as we let them. We have never made rice crispy treats before, but when my daughter made gave this a "go" I thought, if we can't have family and friends gather this weekend with grilling and s'mores by a fire, then we can make the best of it and enjoy these ooey, gooey treats.

The melt down of the butter and half bag of marshmallows should be on LOW, maybe a click or line higher but definitely not too high to melt and burn. While that was melting we decided it would be helpful to crush up the cereal to be easier to stir once we need to add it to the marshmallow mixture. We crushed it right in the bag, because this bag is just crumb over 6 CUPS. However, I don't suggest dumping the entire bag in at once without measuring, because measuring and stirring gives the cereal time to blend with the marshmallow mixture and it makes stirring a little bit less of a forearm workout.

Most often a rice crispy treat recipe calls for unsalted butter. This cereal is so sweet already, adding marshmallow I suggest using salted butter to counteract all the sweet flavor.

After making this myself, I can't imagine what the difference would be if you melt all the marshmallows vs. doing half the bag then adding cereal and trying to melt the rest once its taken off the heat. I attempted this method, but the half bag of melted marshmallows did not stay hot enough and I ended up just having to put it back on low heat and mixing as I would have either way. This may be because of how much larger and thicker this cereal is compared to rice crispys, so it's completely the choice of the baker on whether or not you add the entire bag in the beginning little by little, then the cereal OR do half before and half after. For this recipes, to allow for exchange of different cereal brands, I will recommend half before and half after.

Use parchment paper on a large baking dish or sheet, whichever you prefer, to prevent sticking. Once you add the cereal it's all melted together, you use a spatula to gently spread the blend across the baking dish and try not to push on it too hard. You want to keep it as fluffy as possible. Once you spread it, it sits for about an hour to set.

Chop it into squares, or larger squares or eat the entire thing with your hands, no one's here to judge. My children suggest that topping it with vanilla ice cream, only made the experience even better than they thought it was possible. I believe them. Enjoy ;)


6 CUPS of crushed up Post Honey Maid S'mores Cereal

6 TBSP of salted butter, divided into TBSPs

1 bag of Jett puffed marshmallows


  1. Melt the butter in a large pot on LOW heat

  2. Once the butter is just melted add half the bag of marshmallows and stir until completely blended

  3. While that is melting between stirring, either by hand or with a meat tenderizer crush up the cereal, still in the bag

  4. Once the mixture is completely blended, add the cereal CUP by CUP stirring constantly

  5. When the cereal and marshmallow is completely combine, lay it gently across the parchment as evenly as possible. Let rest for about an hour and enjoy! Xo

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