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Simple Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I recently started making my own Alfredo sauce and I am NEVER going back. It is so simple and easy to make. The flavor of homemade sauce versus the stuff in the jar is so much richer and creamier.

On top of being a delicious, thick and creamy Alfredo, if you use a little less cream cheese and a little more milk its more of a thin sauce, a lighter version. We've also tried this sauce base with Pasta Primavera, add a little dry white wine and it seems just as easy, I'm working up to it.

For this you're going to start with softened butter and cream cheese. Melting it down in the pan, right from the fridge is okay if you absolutely have to, but the softer the better for blending. The first step is the base of most Alfredo recipes you will find, the cream cheese, a stick of butter and heavy cream. Now, I generally always have heavy cream in my fridge. HOWEVER, its either outdated, because I didn't friggin' need it before then and I bought it to be all meal-planny and failed. OR, it's not enough. Either way, then I'm all crabby, because we're either skipping this for dinner, or I have to drag myself and the kids to the store. Then, I already had a glass of wine, so I therefore cannot drag myself and the kids to the store, leading to me waiting for Matt, causing us to not eat until 8:00, and let me continue my rambling with the fact that, I do not play with my kids schedules. When I do, it's regrettable. They need to go to bed, you know what I'm saying? You do.

Anyways, so when you're reading through this and realize that you do not have heavy cream, or do not have enough for the entire measure, I have wonderful news. You can change it. You can use 1% milk with heavy cream. There is the option of 1% with coffee creamer. (Please, do not try to use flavored, ew.) You can use entirely whole milk if you have it, or cut the heavy cream with whole milk as well. The truth is, the heavy cream is to get that super thick texture that most people want in an Alfredo, but not everyone on Earth feels that way so change it up if you want!

We've got out cream cheese out, and our stick of butter. Now that the heavy cream has been determined to be a suggestion instead of a rule, there is some sort of dairy and its time to put that all into a pan on the stove and heat it on medium, whisking here and these until its all smooth. After the smoothness comes, you basically don't stop whisking until the end when it's simmering, so go get all the rest of that things you need.

Grab the seasonings, parmesan cheese, and minced garlic. Get it all pre-measured out so when the time comes to whisk constantly, you're not frantic trying to get it all done with one hand, while the other whisks. Been there. Not a fun time. Still good.

Add in the seasonings, and keep going with the whisk until it appears spread throughout the sauce, and cooked a little bit, so give it a minute or two. Now, its time to load it with parmesan cheese. I confess I do use the shake cheese from Kraft. I have actually never tried fresh parmesan in this, but I have feeling its even better and I'm going to try it someday. Probably after I use this one that I'm making. This recipe is about simple things you already have in the fridge. Except that dang heavy whipping cream.

Everything we need is in the pot and the rest is just whisking until the sauce is nice and smooth and then the 3-5 minute simmer. You're either ready to dress your pasta with the sauce, or store it in the fridge for some meal prep, pre-made sauce that is SO much better than the can, and cheaper too. I generally say about a week for storage, I don't really let anything sit over a week, we have a lot more perishables in our fridge than things that last weeks, so I've never tried more than like 5 days with it stored. Enjoy with Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, Chicken Carbonara, Baked Ziti, Chicken Parmesan, literally anything pasta. I especially recommend using as a pasta sauce and then dressing your protein in marinara. *chef kissing sounds* It's magical. Working on a vodka sauce. Stay tuned.


6-8 oz of softened cream cheese (feel free to try for a healthier version with a light cream cheese, Neufchatel cheese, 10% less fat than cream cheese)

1 stick of softened butter

2 CUPs of dairy; heavy cream, 1 or 2% milk, whole milk, plain creamer. Use two cups or 1 or CUP of one and 1 CUP of another to cut back on milk fat

1 large clove of minced garlic

1 TSP of Italian seasoning

1 TSP of garlic powder

1 & 1/2 CUP of grated parmesan cheese

salt & pepper to taste


1. Add cream cheese, butter and milk or cream to a large sauce pan, melt on medium heat, whisk until smooth

2. Add in garlic, and seasonings, continue whisking 2 minutes, really make sure it's blended

3. Slowly add in 1 & 1/2 CUPS of parmesan cheese, and whisk until smooth

4. Let simmer on low-medium for 3-5. minutes

5. Serve or store immediately for best quality.

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