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The Best B.L.T.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I like to play with a B.L.T., mostly because I cant ever leave a meal alone and just love it but I have some "staples" that I never change, because the simplicity is perfect. This is one of those staples.

A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. In theory, that's all you need. But there are some key elements that people absolutely need in that sandwich that one of them is mayo. The other is a good hearty bread. Grinder roll, thick multigrain sandwich slices, a ciabatta roll, etc. They all rock, and they are all superior when grilled. Especially when you butter the outside.

You can of course use every single version of tomato, leafy green and bread out there but the classic run for me is fresh, crispy romaine lettuce, a seared heirloom tomato and thick grinder roll, gutted and filled with all these fantastic elements. Plus bacon.

And, cheese and mayo and seared red onion and oregano.

It's all a dream when it comes together and it's so melty (because of course it has to be toasted on both sides) and delicious. I'm a big supporter of Land O' Lakes White American Cheese, I know people hate the idea of American cheese because they think its processed cheese, which is it, but I still love it. Especially melted on sandwiches. And queso cheese. And it's got to be from the deli and sliced, not the prepackaged weird rubbery looking kind.

You sear the bacon nice and crispy on each side, and then you slice the heirlooms and the red onions and sear them too. Layer each inside with mayo. Chop up some pieces of lettuce. Shove the American cheese inside. Sprinkle oregano, then close that baby, and butter each side.

Toast on each side and let it rest a minute. Slice at a diagonal, because that's the only way to enjoy a perfect sandwich. Serve with some chips. We prefer CapeCod brand original brand potato chips. We toss them in the air fryer to warm them and it's really a game changer. Enjoy!


slice of cooked bacon, 3 per sandwich

layers of romaine, red onion and heirloom tomato

sprinkle of oregano

spread of mayo + butter

grinder rolls

slices of Land O' Lakes White American Cheese


  1. Cook the bacon until desired crispy texture

  2. Slice the lettuce, onion, tomato and cheese to desired thickness and quantity

  3. Cut the inside of the bread and spread mayo

  4. Stuff with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion sprinkle with oregano

  5. Spread outer crust with butter and toast each side until the cheese was melted

  6. Remove from heat

  7. Let rest

  8. Slice at a diagonal, as all sandwiches should apparently be, and enjoy!

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