• Cheyenne Crennan

The LOWcarb Marg

Okay, so low-carb drinks are in high-demand, since skipping bread, pasta and everything we love became the key to not getting fat, after turning 30.

I can live the low-carb life. I don't have a hankering for sandwiches, pasta or potatoes in any form, except fries and even then, they've got to be sliced, gold in the form of French fries. But, I like wine.

I don't mess around with wine. I've cut the sugar out of coffee and I drink more water than I can pee (as a teacher in classroom) but I refuse to not love the adult beverages I love.

As the devil's advocate of myself, I love vodka club with lemon and lime squeezed in. However, I do not have a sweet tooth, so curbing sweets, like chocolate, and sugary beverages doesn't really shake me. I feel like I have it easy.

I also don't like, "love" cheese either. Honestly, my friends think I'm a monster, it's okay, you can too.

I'm a dry wine, vodka club, very little cream and sugar in my coffee girl. It takes years of kids and laundry, that never(EVER) ends. It has boogers, and math homework.

Sometimes, though, you just want a good staple drink with the Mexican food you're going to devour. And that my friends, is a margarita. Simple enough, tequila, lime juice, triple sec, sweet + sour mix, simple syrup, lime and a salt rim. That combination is a carb overload in one tasty beverage. So, I started playing around in my brain with some ways to simplify this very unhealthy treat, to make it more achievable when you're trying to skip some unnecessary carbohydrates.

Tequila is zero carbs. Fresh squeezed lime, low carb. Skipping the sweet + sour mix and the simple syrup, there's just no way to keep that in the low carb range, so replace is with Sprite Zero. The lemon-lime flavor creates the mixer you need, without all the junk in the sweet and sour mixture. After that comes the triple sec.

Triple Sec or Cointreau is not a low carb alcoholic beverage, so this can't stay either BUT, the flavor is orange-ish. Next up, fresh squeezed oranges. Save yourself a lot of swearing and get the seedless ones. The flavor is there, but the carbs are not.

This is how we build it in the shaker:

2 oz tequila

1 oz squeezed orange

1 oz squeezed lime

1 CUP of Sprite Zero or Polar seltzer with lime

a handful of ice over the top

1. Close the lid and gently rock the shaker, do not shake it. The carbonation from the sprite or seltzer will make the top pop right off, the whole thing will go everywhere, and your dog will drink a floor margarita.

2. If you like the salt rim, use a slice of lime, or orange if you want. Slice in the center, and place of the rim of the glass. Slide entirely around the rim of the glass, then dip into the salt pile. Garnish with that piece of fruit you used to line the rim.

3. Pour the drink from the shaker into the glass and enjoy!

4. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HAVE SOME CARBS, go ahead and add that triple sec in! 1 oz.

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