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The Thanksgiving Sandwich

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Have you ever fried a turkey?

My dad is the turkey-frying master. A decade of thanksgivings ago, he got tired of the roasted turkey, grabbed himself a turkey frier and now on thanksgiving morning we stand outside with jack daniels in our coffee and fry a bird.

Its like, *f&$ing* delicious. I can cater an entire thanksgiving minus the turnip, that makes me gag, and frying the guest of honor. HOWEVER, I have mastered the next day turkey sandwich.

Once you’ve eaten too much, napped on the couch and packed up all the leftovers that you’ll have for lunch for a week straight, you know it’s that time. The Black Friday lunch menu. The turkey dinner, sandwiches, wraps, soups and all the other Pinterest ideas that the world comes up with. And, THANK GOD they do because, I love thanksgiving as much as the next person, but we get tired of the same reheated meal for days at a time.

In fact, as it turns out, my family and I are the worst leftover eaters. It pains me to say that as much as we love the meals, we just don’t love the repeat meals. Don‘t @ me, okay? We’re working on it! This meal, though, I will find ways to incorporate into lunches and dinners until it’s gone. Mostly because it’s expensive to create that meal on turkey day, and we really only do it once a year so, we look forward to it.

My actual favorite next day meal from thanksgiving is a cold, thick-cut turkey sandwich on oatnut bread with lettuce and mayo. So simple. So yummy. So easy. Don‘t forget about it day three of turkey for lunch, but that’s not the sandwich you came for! So, settle in because we are going to turkey town! Yeah, that was weird.

You start with the obvious first ingredient, the leftover turkey. My suggestion is the white meat if you can, it doesn't require a heaping amount, otherwise it's going fall out all over the plate and that's a waste of flavor, amiright?

Next you need a hearty bread or wide roll. We use Arnold's Outnut blend, or a large hoagie roll, its great for the heating on the panini grill. Before setting on the grill, I spread butter across the outside of the bread or roll, so take some butter out to soften.

Grab the stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo and the star of this sandwich, a wedge of brie cheese, sliced into sandwich size pieces, and some dried rosemary out of the spice cabinet.

The set up is simple. Bread down, spread mayo on both sides. Layer the turkey on one side of the sandwich and spread cranberry over the mayo on the other side. Sprinkle a little dried rosemary over the cranberry sauce. Take one or two scoops of stuffing and use a knife or the bottom of a spoon flatten out the stuffing across the cranberry mayo spread. It makes the stuffing easier to scoop together and spread if it is warmed up, but just a bit.

Last step, take two slices of brie and lay it over the turkey. Put the sandwich pieces together if you're using bread or close the hoagie if you went with a roll for this dish. Spread a layer of butter on the upward facing side, the flip and place on the grill. Quickly spread a layer of butter on the newly upward facing side and close. Cook for 5 minutes, then let it rest on a cutting board.

Give it about a minute, then slice at an angle. Serve it up with some warmed leftover gray and mashed potatoes! So. Good.


hearty thick bread, as many slices as you need for the amount of sandwiches

OR long hoagie rolls

a few sliced of leftover turkey

stuffing (slightly warmed in the microwave)

mayo (for spreading)

cranberry sauce (for spreading)

1 CUP of stuffing

4 diagonally sliced piece of original brie cheese

dried rosemary

butter (to coat the outside of the bread)

gravy, for dipping (optional)


1. If you are using hoagie rolls, as we did, slice them open. Regardless of the bread choice, begin with spreading a layer of mayo on each interior side

2. Next spread a layer of cranberry sauce on one side

3. On the other side use a spoon to scoop two or three small helpings of stuffing onto the other piece of bread, use the back of the spoon to flatten out and evenly spread on the slice of bread

4. Sprinkle rosemary on the cranberry sauce

5. Lay desired amount of turkey onto the cranberry sauce

6. Lay two slices of brie onto the turkey

7. Close sandwich

8. Butter the upside of the sandwich and then flip to lay the buttered side onto grill or pan for toasting

9. Immediately butter the newly face up side while on the grill or in the pan

10. Close grill or continue to monitor sandwich in the pan, like a grilled cheese and flip accordingly

11. Remove from heat once cooked completely. (golden browned bread, melty cheese) and let rest

12. Warm up gravy in a small dish in the microwave 13. Slice sandwich diagonally and serve with gravy

14. Happy leftover-ing!

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