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Walking Taco, Meet Walking Chili Bowl

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

At my best friend's son's first birthday party, we ate, we drank and we celebrated his first trip around the sun. She made for us a walking nacho bar, for pure convenience and deliciousness. I never knew how much I would like the combination of Doritos and nacho toppings, but that day changed my fiesta-loving life.

Recently I saw a Frito chili bake on Pinterest and had an "ah ha" moment, like why have I never thought to recreate the genius of a walking taco in a bag of Doritos with my favorite chili recipe and a bag of Fritos? And here we are.

Plain old Fritos, be a little wild and use the chili cheese Fritos, just don't try the twists. It won't work as well for forking out of a bag. The flat slightly curved design of the original Fritos is perfect for the scoop of chunky chili, and all its friendly toppings.

This recipe can be made with any chili recipe you like. You can use mine or you can use your dad's (mine is a rendition of my dad's), find some rendition on the internet but please, please make sure it's chunky. That may seem odd but I've had the type of chili that people put on baked potatoes or hotdogs, and it's very soup-like. This has to be filled with beans, pieces of ground beef and chunky tomatoes. I add green chilis, chopped up jalapeños, black olives, none of these are a requirements. The one requirement I do have; adding shredded cheese. It will melt and thicken the chili and you need that thickness to scoop it over the bag of Fritos.

Your chili toppings can be all or none. Matt hates black olives, because he is a monster, Jax hates sour cream, neither of the kids will even look at a jalapeño, so we have many different variations of this walking chili bowl but alllllll of them are good. Because I am me, I literally use all of the toppings.

Use this time that you are staying home, avoiding the fun holiday festivities to celebrate cold weather, with a walking chili bowl.


(to make chili if you need a recipe, all optional if you have your own recipe, except the cheese, you need the cheese)

ground beef, 1.5 lbs

shredded cheddar cheese, mild, 1-2 CUP in the chili, as much as desired to garnish

diced tomatoes

crushed tomatoes

15 oz can of black beans, drained

15 oz can of kidney beans, drained

6 oz can of black olives, both diced and whole for topping

12 oz jar of jalapeños, both diced and whole for topping

cilantro for garnish

4 oz can of diced green chilis

Frito bags, personal size

1 TBSP taco seasoning

1 TSP chili powder

1/4 TSP cayenne

1/2 TSP paprika

1 TSP cumin

salt + pepper, to taste

sour cream, to garnish


(skip to #5 if you're using your own chili recipe)

  1. begin the browning process of the ground beef in a large bottomed pot, I have used a dutch oven and a large pasta pot and they both work well, I prefer the dutch oven on MED/HIGH

  2. once some of the pieces begin to cook add everything besides the garnishes, toppings, cheese and Fritos

  3. turn the temp to LOW

  4. cook for at least 30 minutes more if you want to get all that flavor cooking together, its the idea of a crock pot, except I hate crockpots

  5. 10 minutes before serving add 1.5 CUPS of shredded cheddar, stir it around then re-cover and let it sit

  6. before you serve prep all your toppings and set yourself up a station on your island, kitchen table, coffee table, no judgment here

  7. start with your bag of Fritos, open it up, spread the bottom out so that it stands up easier to fill

  8. chili first, spoon it in, don't go crazy, you can make another

  9. top with all things you like

  10. enjoy your walking chili bowl

TIP: if you run out of Fritos or just don't feel like walking with your chili bowl, you can just top with Fritos and still love yourself, enjoy!

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