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Welcome to Monday! ...It is Monday right?

Week 3. Actually, this is week 4 for the kids and Matt. They were home sick, with the stomach bug, the week ahead of all the closing in New England, for the COVID19 preparation.

I've had more time than ever in life to cook, do laundry, repaint rooms, organize everything in the house, blog, FaceTime with family. Other than sprint walking through the grocery store for food and crying as I rapidly walk through Target for house supplies, this hasn't been horrible.

We've been doing all the family things, and working from home and home schooling, which I am not stressing right now. We do a little bit a day and we read and art is everywhere. There's a lot going on in their lives, so we're not adding a rigorous curriculum into the mix.

I really miss Target.

BUT we have made major house renovations/decisions/bought all the stuff. I painted my room white and this week we put up the shiplap sticky wallpaper. Yes thats right wallpaper. Johanna Gaines (the mother of all shiplap) made a shiplap wallpaper and that is me. I would love to do the real deal, but I know that it will take a lot more work and more waiting due to not being able to have people in my house to build me a shiplap wall, so I can't wait any longer. We have wallpaper.

Our entire house (besides my room) is gray. Different shades and variations but its all gray. Oh, except the main bathroom. That's a really muted blue. We had a red accent wall in our kitchen, and we accented the side of the beam dividing our kitchen and living room space, that was red too. It was a really nice red. But, our cabinets to come are gray. We have black now and I cannot find a place on EARTH that sell black cabinets. We decided that since we have had white cabinets, we have had black cabinets we can just try gray now and see, what the hell right? Wrong, but still it was just paint and now it will be gray. With pretty marbled gray/white countertops and a new sink. It will really make our appliances happy.

We looked at all the options for kitchen wall colors with gray cabinets and most were white. I like white, but my house is an open floor plan, so if I paint the kitchen white, the entire house needs to be painted white and I just can't do that to the walls I painted less than three years ago. I saw one option. One person strayed away. They had gray cabinets, gray walls and a charcoal accent wall. It broke it up. It distracted from the grey. It was perfect. I don't like charcoal but we went with a very navy blue. It's perfect.

There will be a lot of renovation of things in the coming months to the house and I think once it's all done I'm going to gather up all of the information and budget and do a whole big post on how we renovated our little house without breaking the bank! For now, I've got a Best Baked Penne Ever recipe coming up in two days, until then going to keep painting and cooking and putting up wallpaper...

And splitting the day up between coffee time and wine time :D

All the paint we used is Behr Marquee, from Home Depot. The shiplap wallpaper is from Target and the kids taking up my entire bed in that photo was from a year ago, and they are supposed to be from their beds, but they are always in mine.

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